Join the Coalition

Join the Coalition

When Tyranny becomes law, rebellions becomes duty.There’s strength in numbers – especially when they’re organized to a common goal. That’s the Purpose of Free Minnesota: Getting like-minded individuals and organizations communicating to work towards the common goals of economic sanity and preservation of our liberties.

The Government Oppression Hotline and First Liberties Defense Fund can have a huge impact. Promoting and funding the effort will take a lot of cooperation.

Joining is easy! We’ll help promote members’ efforts to preserve liberty and economic freedom and foster communication between members. We’re all in this together!

Coalition members can be non-profit organizations, ad-hoc groups, companies, public figures or people of influence with an online presence – really anyone or any group that is pitching in to preserve our way of life.

Click here to join the coalition now!

Everyone else who wants to help out individually, be sure to subscribe to this site.


  • Tim Murphy

    Great Idea – sign me up – for my business, my family and my Church.

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
    deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    Benjamin Franklin

  • What a way to destroy a State!