Update in Lawsuit to Undo Governor Walz’s “Emergency” Powers

As we head into the holiday season, Governor Walz continues to enjoy dictatorial “emergency” powers he first asserted way back in March. The legislature has been sidelined when it comes to making policy and enacting laws. The People have lost their representation.

Now, even as the Michigan Supreme Court just decided that their governor’s exercise of emergency powers violated their state’s constitution, Governor Walz has proclaimed new restrictions on Minnesotans that reach into our homes.

Meanwhile, Minnesota Courts are slow-walking resolution of our important lawsuit challenging the Governor Walz’s unprecedented, and unending seizure of unilateral legislative power.

We need your support to end this outrageous power grab. Your contribution to the First Liberties Defense Fund can make the difference.

Free Minnesota, joined by the New House Republican Caucus and other legislators challenged the governor’s emergency power declarations and orders in a lawsuit filed in May. After frequently overturned left-wing judge Thomas Gilligan dismissed the case, the coalition filed immediately for appeal and asked the Minnesota Supreme Court to examine the case on an expedited basis, since it is a constitutional question that will likely end up before the high court, anyhow.

Disappointingly, the Supreme Court denied expedited review, first requiring a hearing in the Minnesota Court of Appeals. This move allows the governor to continue bypassing the legislature and exercising dictatorial powers even longer while our case is slow-walked through the legal process.

Our lawsuit remains the best chance for restoring the constitutional balance of power in Minnesota’s government and costs continue to accrue as the case is dragged out. The Michigan Supreme Court case was a big win for the rule of law! It weighs heavily in our favor as a persuasive authority and we need your help to see this through.

Throughout history, those who’ve assumed dictatorial powers are loathe to relinquish them. They have to be forced.

Make a contribution to the First Liberties Defense Fund to help us restore the legislature to its constitutional place as the lawmaking body and representatives of the People.

Attorney Erick Kaardal of Mohrman, Kaardal & Erickson, PA is representing Free Minnesota in this landmark case.


  • Patricia Peloquin

    Walz had NO excuse to shut down again. He claimed it was because the death toll was up one day (the day he issued order).

    But of the 56 deaths in MN that day, 53 were over age 75.
    68% of the deaths were in nursing homes/care facilities (age 80 to 103).
    That’s not much different than MN’s WORST nursing home COVID deaths in the country (70%)!!! Nothing has improved in MN nursing homes!

    38 deaths: 80 and up (nursing homes) 8 deaths: 75-79 2 deaths: 70-74 5 deaths: 65-69 1 death: 50-54 1 death: 55-59
    NO DEATHS UNDER 50—-SO WHY IS HE CLOSING BARS AT 10 PM?! People over 50 are rarely in bars after 10 pm.

    NO PEOPLE UNDER 50 died. This is a huge scam.
    Deaths are way down to the lowest levels!

    Media hysterically reporting “cases are way up”!!
    PCR test has up to 80% FALSE POSITIVES.
    **Media incorrectly reports positive tests as cases. THEY ARE NOT CASES. They are “Positive Tests.” NOT THE SAME THING. — “CASES” ARE ACTIVE INFECTIONS.

    The scientist who invented the PCR method to magnify the extremely tiny virus for manufacturing, Dr. Kary B. Mullis (received Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this in 1994)–said, “PCR is NOT to be used for diagnosis.” We always have viruses and bacteria in our bodies–some stray particles of virus picked up in a PCR test does not mean there is an active infection. I have him on 2 videos saying this. (He died Aug. 7, 2019–or he’d be protesting.)

    He said PCR was NOT to be used for a test (and the leaflet coming with the test even says this!). Prof. Dresden in Germany threw this test together in January, tinkering using an OLD SARS VIRUS! It’s NOT a COVID-19 test–but a general coronavirus test (many strains are mild colds and flu). He sent it to Wuhan in January and the first sick people tested positive. The W.H.O. immediately began producing and using this test. Ridiculous. There are many false positives because the virus was never isolated or purified. (There are doctors and their lawyers in Belgium and Germany investigating and are suing over this outrage.)

    Scientists at Connecticut’s Public Health Laboratory say they’ve discovered a flaw in a manufacturer’s testing system for the coronavirus that’s used by labs around the country (their particular study found 62% false positives).

  • Scott

    Can any one explain to me how Governor Walz can continue a “Peace Time Emergency” executive order when Minnesota Statute §12.31 Subd. 2. (a) states:
    ” A peacetime emergency must not be continued for more than five days unless extended by resolution of the Executive Council up to 30 days. ”

    This is followed by its limitation in Subd. (b) which states:
    “By majority vote of each house of the legislature, the legislature may terminate a peacetime emergency extending beyond 30 days.”

    Is the continuation of EO 20-81 because the legislature majority is democrat and have not acted? This legislated Act; MS §12.31, also limits a peace time emergency EO for 30 days before it is to be sent to the legislature for review (i.e. termination). The legislated intent of this is clear; otherwise a real possibility of Abuse of Authority could occur. As you well know, an abuse of authority is tyranny.

    The question I have, considering the increasing discrimination I am personally experiencing for my disability, is when does one consider it (the lockdown) a despotic government? And what in the legislature, et. al. is being done about this?

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