Be Heard!

A new constituent communication system will be added here when funds are raised to implement it – $1,700 is needed (see below)*.

Meanwhile, use these resources to contact your elected officials. To be most effective, be civil and concise in your communications.

Who Represents Me? Use this tool to find and contact the legislators who represent your district.

Action 4 Liberty Petition: End Walz’ Emergency Powers


Have a petition or other tool for contacting legislators and/or the governor? Let us know and we’ll add it here.


* Rally Congress is a vendor that provides activist organizations with specialized tools for mass communication with legislators through petitions, emails, faxes, letters and phone calls. It facilitates direct constituent to legislator contact with tracking analytics, talking-point options and more.Tens of thousands of messages can be easily delivered to the Capitol with this tool.

The service costs $1,700 per year. If you’d like to support adding this feature, please donate, here: