Hearing in Lawsuit to Undo Walz’s Emergency Orders

St. Paul – Judge Thomas Gilligan will convene a hearing on July 16th to determine whether Governor Walz acted within his authority in issuing numerous peacetime emergency orders. The Free Minnesota Coalition, with dozens of small businesses, has been joined by 13 members of the state legislature from both the House and the Senate in pressing a Quo Warranto case against the governor.

The burden is on Governor Walz, through the state attorney general’s office to prove he had the legal authority for his assumption of power in the face of three key arguments asserted by the plaintiffs. Should any be found to hold merit, all of the governor’s peacetime emergency orders would be rendered null and void.

Erick Kaardal of Mohrman, Kaardal & Erickson, PA, attorney for the plaintiffs will argue that the governor has failed to legally justify his asserted authority.

What: Court hearing in Free Minnesota Small Business Coalition, v. Tim Walz, Governor of Minnesota, Petition for Quo Warranto

When: Thursday, July 16, 2020, at 10 AM

Where: Ramsey County Courthouse, by video conference

Who: Free Minnesota Coalition, state legislators, small business owners, attorney Erick Kaardal

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  • Vickie

    Gov Waltz has damaged our beloved State of Minnesota!! I have never so badly wanted to move from the State I have always called home!! It’s time to take back our beautiful State so we can live free again !!! I am praying that the right decisions are made and his evil powers will be ended.

  • Christa Oldsberg

    It’s time to open up Minnesota. There is no longer a need for emergency powers, the whole state and their representatives need to have their voices back.

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  • Jackie Wolf

    It is inconceivable in our modern society that we as a people, who have heard the oral histories and learned about actual events that happened (or at least I did when I was in school) would be willing to give up our freedoms so quickly. This is exactly how the Nazi Party started in Germany and how Austria was convinced to go along wth the Nazi ideas… all for the “good of the people”. Unfortunately, as events unfolded we found out later that only certain cultures, certain religions and certain colors were not part of their “idea”, or what they decided was “good.”
    What many of the Governors across this nation are doing using this pandemic as an excuse to grab power goes against our constitution and the rights of we the people. This is not for “our own good”. It’s only good for the Democratic party.

  • I thought in an emergency it was about support not to threaten?

    Protect the most vulnerable!
    Advise people of ”all” the facts, risks and goals!
    Treat the hot spots!
    Help people stay home if sick or think they are!
    Support business in staying open!

    The PATHS to a good sustainable livelihood and life?

  • BB

    Gov Walz relied on the IHME model from the UK. That software was written by a man named Neil Ferguson. It uses a hodge-podge of old C++ and Fortran code. It was never thoroughly tested in any fashion whatsoever. Furthermore, running that code on modern processors leads to different results. Let me be crystal clear: Depending on which computer hardware you run the software on, the same inputs result in wildly different outputs. This is the “model” and the “science” used to shut down Minnesota and many other states which proved to be many orders of magnitude WRONG. As in, not even close, not even in the ballpark. The utter lack of anything resembling quality process in our Governor’s decision making is quite a sight. The utter lack of quality in the software used represents a massive civil liability all by itself, probably totalling in the hundreds of billions of dollars in damage it has caused. There was no “best effort” here–they chose the scariest model while plenty of other models were available in March. It didn’t have to end up like this. Walz was in way over his head leadership-wise. He was later in way over his head dealing with the resultant riots and social unrest, which he was also warned would be a likely outcome of these unprecendented mass shutdowns of society. Every time Gov. Walz uses the word “science” I cringe because I know whatever is coming out of his mouth next has nothing at all to do with anything resembling any sort of scientific process or anything even resembling any legitmiate scientific approach. He uses that word, I don’t think he knows what it means.

    Possibly the worst part of this whole ordeal for me was having to sit by, desperately trying to reach these people, offering actually useful models and data that could have informed thoughtful public policy. I was 0% able to reach anyone. My lesson here is that government is pretty much a one-way pipeline from these executives down to the people. This is not a representative democracy. The only person I was able to reach and get a real response from was my state senator, but it was far too late to help once the shutdown momentum had taken place. My state House member, another Democrat, was and is completely MIA. With leaders like these, we the people are completely on our own.

  • Eric peterson

    Help us Taiwan Kenobi you’re our only hope! What happened with the judge Manager? Politics should be the pursuit of truth. What does the state constitution say about all this and is it being followed. That’s all the judge needs to say,shouldn’t take over a week to do that.

  • Kevin Shepherd

    Is your group plannign to file, request, expect a charge of “nonfeasance” to Judge Thomas Gilligan Jr. It has en over two months and our businesses are being irreparably harmed by the unconstitutional abuse of power by Gov. Walz.

    If this doesn’t work might you work on impeachments through constitutional methods?

    I would also like to know if there is anything I might be able to do to assist you in this lawsuit.

    • At this point, Judge Gilligan still has time on the clock to issue his opinion. He said he’d rule on the case quickly, but he’s under no (legal) obligation to do so.