Government Oppression Hotline– Call, Text or Web Form –

The state has announced hotlines for neighbors to turn in neighbors for “violating social distancing,” and disparate impact of executive orders on minorities, which got us wondering, “Where’s the hotline to report government oppression?” We had to create one.

Call or text (844)RIGHTS-0 (1-844-744-4870) or use the web form to report government infringement of civil liberties.

Calls, texts and form submissions will be triaged and referred to pro-bono or reduced rate attorneys who are standing by to defend individuals who are being persecuted or having their rights violated by the government during the “shelter in place” order. Please help defend freedom with a contribution to the First Liberties Defense Fund.


  • Kevyn Johanson

    Outstanding job, Dan.

  • N Max

    Point of fact 80% of the deaths to cv in Minnesota were in nursing homes…the rest were probably heart attacks, COPD deaths mislabeled… so absolutely no justification to continue destroying MInnesota